29 November 2016
Multi Packaging opt for PODStar Vehicle Checking Software
Multi Packaging Solutions International Limited is a global leader in print and packaging with manufacturing operations in North America, Europe, and Asia. The company provides customers with an extensive array of print-based specialty packaging solutions, including premium folding cartons, inserts, labels and rigid packaging across a variety of substrates and finishes, which are complemented by value-added services, including creative design, new product development and customized supply chain solutions.
The company employs approximately 8,800 people worldwide and is strategically located to serve customers around the globe. Their global manufacturing footprint consists of 59 manufacturing sites and nine sales offices across North America, Europe, and Asia.
As a forward-thinking organisation Multi Packaging place issues of corporate responsibility high on their list of business priorities, particularly with regard to employee and public safety. The company run their own large fleet and are cognisant that vehicles should be regularly inspected to ensure they are compliant with the latest legislation, reduce the risk of defects, save money on costly repairs and help reduce prohibitions such as graduated fixed penalties. Statistics show that vehicles that are regularly inspected have, on average, 66% less wheel defects and 57% less brake defects compared to the national average. These are vital criteria that ensure vehicles are kept roadworthy and accidents minimised.
Multi Packaging invest heavily in IT infrastructure and systems where there is tangible benefit and the area of 'vehicle inspection' is a typical example. The inefficient nature of recording various details via a paper-based system is not only unappealing to a driver, but also often difficult for staff to review due to messy handwriting. This can lead to details being overlooked or inaccurately recorded risking driver safety and fines. With this in mind, the company sought to procure an automated checking system that eliminated the paper trail and selected Manchester-based TouchStar Technologies.
TouchStar’s PODstar system allows drivers to complete these checks using a mobile device, which then uploads reports directly to a back office system in real time. The device can also be used to take photographs of any damage or low tyre treads, record a driver’s digital signature and capture the date, time and GPS location at the time of the check to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and eliminating paperwork. The software enables the driver to produce an on-device report which is extremely useful in the event of being stopped by the police or other officials.
TouchStar were able to handle all aspects of the project on a 'turnkey' basis, including hardware procurement. The installation of software onto the chosen hardware devices is a simple affair, as the PODStar app is available to download from the Google PlayStore.
For further information on TouchStar's Vehicle Checking and EPOD applications visit www.podstar.co.uk
For further information on Multi Packaging please visit http://multipkg.com/