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Bespoke Solutions Development

TouchStar Technologies Ltd bespoke solution’s provide an innovative and tailored approach to implementing real-time mobile computing solutions into any organisation. Specialising in the design and supply of rugged mobile devices and sophisticated software solutions, TouchStar Technologies Ltd combine best of breed, in-house Industrial, Electronic and Application design capabilities to develop the perfect fit bespoke hardware and software solutions for your organisation.

Offering a complete range of consultative, design. manufacture, implementation and support services, TouchStar Technologies Ltd take you through the steps to create the “best fit” mobile computing solution that will deliver real competitive advantage to your operational processes to include:


Helping to recognise and understand your strategic and operational objectives and requirements, TouchStar Technologies Ltd can help conduct a thorough business process review, helping identify potential areas for implementation and the associated operational and cost benefits.



Undertaking an in-depth study, TouchStar Technologies Ltd will observe all relevant facets of your current operation. Involving activities such as face to face interviews, user interactions with current systems and observations of current operations. Our development team will then fully review your current system and plan the development process.


After an initial design review and brainstorming session, TouchStar Technologies Ltd will identify the components, ergonomics and interfaces for the initial concept design. Ensuring constant feedback into the design process, we liaise with you to keep our understanding of requirement consistent with yours. Prototype – After a period of development, TouchStar Technologies Ltd will present you with a working solution for evaluation. Requirements analysis is performed and reviewed, followed by design of the approved specifications.


Working with the end user to a tightly defined schedule, we allocate the resources, expertise and support to ensure a smooth and timely deployment of the final approved mobile computing solution.


Providing high quality IT support is a key component of our service offering. TouchStar Technologies Ltd is focused on providing organisations with enterprise quality services and solutions. We provide an easy to use, unique and responsive service that enables us to manage your data capture systems efficiently. TouchStar Technologies Ltd understands how to take the risk out of procurement by ensuring our performance is transparent, ensuring real time accountability.

All in all, TouchStar Technologies Ltd have a wealth of experience in delivering complex mobile computing projects. Please click here to peruse the case studies for examples and success stories of our custom made solutions. Contact us if you would like further dialogue.

Bespoke Case Studies