FTS select PODStar system

19 April 2017

Founded in 2014, Fuel Transport Solutions (FTS) Limited, based in Central Scotland, delivers fuel predominantly throughout Scotland and Northern England. The organisation required a system that could optimise the scheduling and tracking of vehicles, as well as automate the proof of delivery process. After a thorough examination of available systems, Jim Anderson (Managing Director) opted for the PODStar system from Manchester-based TouchStar Technologies.  Read More >>

Your warehouse management... anywhere in the world

Your warehouse management… anywhere in the world

07 April 2017

As a hub of sales, returns and supplies, your warehouse is a vital part of your business. Managing it effectively, though, is no easy feat but innovative new technologies are helping to run warehouses confidently from any location, whether it’s a neighbouring building or a city on the other side of the world.  Read More >>

Is Your Vehicle Compliant?

Is Your Vehicle Compliant?

03 April 2017

Fuel tankers are large delivery vehicles carrying dangerous materials and so require a high-level of care to ensure that they are working to optimum standard. The law requires drivers of such vehicles to carry out daily walkaround checks, inspecting various aspects of the vehicle to ensure everything is working as it should be. This daily walkaround check must be recorded, a task which is often seen as onerous and filled with paperwork. Frequently, issues arise with regards to poor handwriting preventing some of the information being read or paperwork getting lost or damaged in the cab. As such, companies are looking to new technology to find ways to improve this process.  Read More >>