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Facilities Management:

At TouchStar Technologies we specialise in workforce management for companies operating in complex environments: Hospitals, food manufacturing, high-end retail - just about any place where absolute certainty about access is paramount.

Our systems sit behind thousands of workers and use wired and wireless networks to capture millions of actions.

We focus on two sectors:

  • Monitoring Time & Attendance with our in-house and partner terminal ranges and new Fastlane device management platform.
  • Managing the most sophisticated Access Control needs with our Evolution system - the result of over 20 years’ experience in the field.

TouchStar Technologies has always played a key role in hardware that sits at the edge of its customers' core business. Today, our Access Control devices are literally at the perimeter of our customers’ organisation, controlling the ingress and egress of its people, whilst our Time & Attendance terminals capture data, such as the beginnings and endings of activities. Information from these devices is fed into enterprise systems (such as Sage) that control payroll and billing, and provide feedback on organisational effectiveness.

The ability to capture and control the actions and movement of our customers’ staff is often critical to their business, whether it be a matter of checking security clearance or a simple function like recording attendance.

Our products are able to not only capture and control actions but also provide the feedback that gives direction to improving organisational effectiveness.

Our company is organised around three key capabilities:

Capture – devices that capture data about the actions of people and resources within an enterprise

Control - devices that intelligently control the actions of people and resources through an enterprise

Manage – a software layer that monitors and manages fleets of "edge" devices and allows them easily to connect with an enterprise’s IT core.

Our products have always been built to last and to perform seamlessly. Our ambition is to partner with world class enterprise partners to deliver leading edge systems that work straight out of the box, enabling organisations consistently to improve their enterprise business activities.

We are a subsidiary of Belgravium Technologies PLC (www.belgravium-technologies.com) an AIM-listed technology business.

On the 1st January 2015 the entire share capital of Access Fire and Security Limited (AFS) was acquired by Belgravium Technologies PLC. Having acquired Access Fire and Security Limited (AFS) it has now been merged into TouchStar Technologies.