09 December 2022

Suckling Transport select Touchstar ‘FuelStar’ EPOD system

Suckling Transport  has been trading for more than 80 years, specialising in the provision of petroleum tanker haulage services. Suckling’s management team have recently decided to adopt the Touchstar ‘FuelStar’ EPOD system in order to digitize the drivers workflow for each day.

Fuel transport: the heart of what Suckling Transport do

With a proactive approach to QHSE and highly professional ADR drivers, Suckling Transport monitor their trucks from a 24/7 Traffic Control Centre to ensure and guarantee the best service to their customers. Using top quality technology and providing excellent customer care, they are specialists in the following sectors:

  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Ethanol
  • GTL & HVO
  • Logistic services

IT Technology & Fleet Management System

Suckling Transport runs its own management and scheduling system, a  fully web based technology, user friendly and able to communicate with every customer’s management system (e.g. SAP) via EDI file management.

When evaluating any third party solution, Suckling Transport’s management are focused on systems that can complement and further enhance their in-house software. A thorough evaluation of the Fuelstar software and Touchstar’s integration capabilities convinced the management team that the Manchester-based organisation were the natural choice.

Combining the capabilities of RS4 and FuelStar

To tackle the challenge of further reducing paperwork and streamlining processes, TouchStar will be using their comprehensive API integration and working with the existing RS4 back office system to integrate processes seamlessly. As a result, the trucks and back-office systems will communicate with one another in real time, providing a greater level of automation and reducing paperwork. Process improvements will include ·      

Real time transmission of ePOD’s, to enable same / next day invoicing

Control of driver workflow to a standardised level, for improvements to efficiencies, safety and service

Automated, electronic start of day vehicle checks

Significant reduction of manual data entry, to eliminate effort and potential human error

Full, real-time integration with the back-office system, RS4

Gordon Hyland, Sales Director, Touchstar Technologies is delighted by Suckling’s choice of the Fuelstar system: “Touchstar solutions are specifically designed for the fuel distribution industry and we are very confident Fuelstar will further streamline and improve the end-to-end delivery processes for Suckling Transport.”