30 January 2023


HD Group is one of the fastest growing providers of end-to-end logistical solutions. Headquartered in Doncaster, the privately owned company has already become one of the largest independent Freight Forwarding Company supporting companies on both a national and international scale.  

The company prides itself on the ability to provide a reliable and efficient service, as a result, their reputation and dedication for excellent customer service has been instrumental in making the business a success.  

The Business Requirement  

The company recently acquired a new facility in Cheshire, supporting the company’s growth strategy by bringing warehouse operations in house and enabling a full end to end supply chain solution. Having also been awarded a new contract, the new facility would be used to store, pick, pack, despatch and deliver orders to facilitate its customer’s business operations across the UK, Europe and Middle East.  

As such, the company required a warehouse management system to support the new operation. HD Group recognised the value that warehouse technology would add to their operations and their ongoing plans for growth.  

Kerry Dusi, CEO at The HD Group comments, “The acquisition of the new facility has allowed us to develop the fulfilment side of the business, however we knew we needed to have the right infrastructure in place that would not only allow us to facilitate both a reliable and efficient service, but that would be both futureproof and scalable to support our growing operations”.  

Real Time Data Capture  

The new system needed to help ensure goods moved through the operation in the most effective and cost-efficient way, facilitating operations such as picking, receiving and put away. The implementation of a proposed warehouse management system needed to ensure HD Group were able to proactively manage their stock with complete accuracy.

HD Group selected Minster Edge,  Minster Computer Systems warehouse management software (WMS) to provide the visibility, support and control of their new logistics fulfilment operation.  Utilising real time data capture, the system provided all required functionality as standard, along with unrestricted scalability to grow in line with the company’s requirements. Key to the decision was Minster’s approach to partnership, extensive logistics experience and knowledge, along with a modern, flexible, highly configurable multi-tenant solution. Which provides the ability to on-board new customers in record time, whilst maintaining secure data visibility for each customer.

On the recommendation of Minster, HD Group selected TouchStar’s TS8200 handheld as the mobile computing technology to support the real time data capture in the new operation. The new handhelds will equip warehouse operative with advanced scanning capability, help identify and track goods within their fulfilment process, capturing accurate stock information that together with Minster, will help support an efficient and flexible operation.  

The TS8200 also provides an ideal hardware solution for company’s new warehouse-based fulfilment operation. The combination of high impact polycarbonate plastics, metal alloy chassis and the use of Sorbothane® rubber shock absorbers allow for an extremely reliable solution and prolonged life within warehouse environments.   

The Future  

Kerry continues, “Since the system went live, we are excited by the numerous operational benefits the technology is starting to deliver. The support we have received from both companies so far has been excellent, and we look forward to the potential benefits the system will be able to offer us as we continue to grow our operations.”