23 March 2021

New R&D recruits  

2021 sees Touchstar continuing to invest heavily in R&D, including recruitment into key development and support positions. The company are delighted to welcome the following individuals to (Chief Technical Officer) Ian Woolley’s expanding team;  

Name: Ashley Clement

Job Title: Software Developer

Job Role: Ashley’s main focus is to create and support the software running on TouchStar’s mobile devices.

Personal Interests: Ashley is a long time Dungeons & Dragons player. He also has a passion for more physical pursuits and is currently training for his second ‘Tough Mudder’. 

Name: Amrita Deb

Job Title: Software Developer

Job Role: Amrita supports the back-office side of development and support, working with web APIs and resolving the communication of data between device and back-office.

Personal Interests: Amrita enjoys travelling and is a passionate photographer. She’s also an enthusiast of Bengali and Hindi music, both as a listener and a performer of traditional Tagore songs. 

Name: Muhammad Naeem Khalid (Preferred Name: Naeem)

Job Title: Software Tester

Job Role: Naeem’s role is to test the EPOD software. His focus is to ensure the Software created by the developers is fit for the purpose and meets all the Client requirements. Naeem ensures any bugs and issues are removed before the software is deployed to the client base.

Personal Interests:  Naeem is married and has three daughters and a “very naughty” son! Naeem is passionate about sport and particularly Manchester United F.C.