23 February 2021

Vehicle Manufacture CCTV

With manufacturing excellence very much at the forefront of this operation, intelligent technologies play a key part in securing this company’s vision.

Not only do CCTV systems play a fundamental part in their ability to secure their premises and assets, but also to support streamlined processes, cost efficiencies and most importantly, manufacturing excellence.  

The initial requirement for CCTV was to provide additional coverage within their headquarters and main production line. The site was utilising an existing analogue system and whilst the company had been satisfied with the coverage, they were now looking to extend the network of existing cameras to provide high-definition surveillance across additional areas of the site.

The requirement for CCTV was to fulfil multiple objectives. Not only was the system looking to monitor both the manufacturing process and personnel movements, but it was also needed to provide advanced analytical capabilities to support existing process improvements.

The Solution

The company selected TouchStar ATC to specify, plan, install and support a full CCTV system.

As part of the CCTV system, the company was looking for superior analytical technology. With a vast knowledge of all third-party security products, TouchStar’s engineering team had the training and expertise to design the system around the company’s specific needs. Both the company and TouchStar specified an Avigilon system, knowing that it would fulfil the objective for quality cameras and next generation video analytics. With TouchStar engineers fully trained on the system, a mixture of high-resolution camera’s was specified, maintaining a minimum resolution of 8mp and range of types from multihead through to fish eye and bullet cameras.

Results and Benefits

The initial system was successfully deployed by TouchStar approved installers in 2018. In the two subsequent years, the system and installation works has been successfully audited, achieving the NSI Gold standard to provide the reassurance that the company have invested in a quality solution.

Since the installation, the system has delivered several cost benefits, particularly because of supporting existing process improvements. Most notably, an ROI was achieved in a matter of weeks within the body preparation area of the operation. The ability to monitor both this area and other manufacturing areas within the operation has helped the company have a better understanding of this process. With video analytics, they are now able to effectively troubleshoot any manufacturing errors or faults more efficiently and effectively, resulting in a much more streamlined operation and a significant reduction in operational costs. Not only has the system delivered a number of tangible benefits, but it was also well received by the staff working within the site. All staff recognised the positive impact that video analytics has had within their working environment which has made a significant contribution to the overall success of the system.