12 February 2024

Damart Rugged Device Case Study

Established in 1967 in Bingley, West Yorkshire, Damart originated in France with the Despature brothers' idea of thermal underwear in the early 1950s. The Mail Order catalogue, introduced in 1953, persists alongside the Damart website.

Damartex LTD has evolved, expanding from Thermal Underwear and Nightwear to include Ready to Wear, Footwear, and Household products for the Senior market. The Damartex  Group continues to support the business's international growth as Damart embraces new sustainable fabrics and manufacturing methods.

The Business Need for Data Capture

Damart manages both its UK and international dispatch operations from its Distribution Centre in Steeton West Yorkshire. The business relies on its warehouse management system (WMS) to help efficiently manage and control the movement of stock throughout the operation. Data capture has been in use for several years and the reliability of this system has been fundamental in ensuring that they continue to operate effectively with minimal operational downtime and cost to the business.

The Requirements

A key component of their warehouse management system is their rugged mobile computing devices. Integrating with their WMS, they capture and execute stock movements throughout key locations in the warehouse.

With system reliability key, Damart knew they would have to invest in their rugged mobile devices to ensure a future-proof and scalable system. As such, Damart was looking for an end-to-end solution provider that would support them from specification through to device integration, installation and ongoing service support.

After careful evaluation, Damart selected TouchStar as their preferred solution provider. The decision was based on several key factors that demonstrated TouchStar's commitment to meeting Damart's specific requirements such as the device options and the technical support available.

The Need for Flexibility and Reliability

Damart was looking for a flexible and user-friendly data capture solution that would enable them to easily scan goods within different handheld and truck-based operations. TouchStar worked closely with Damart to ensure the devices met the scope of the project, providing advanced scanning capability, flexible scanning and real-time visibility.

Chris Aitken, Head of Logistics at Damart comments, “Our TouchStar contacts worked hard to understand the requirements of our business and relay the best options available with our business needs in mind. We chose the TS8000 rugged handheld and TS7000 rugged truck mount to facilitate the flexibility needed between the pick face and bulk storage function. The versatility of the devices ensured that were able to scan larger pallet and carton labels as well as individual product labels within the different operation areas and various functions within the Distribution Centre.”

The TS8000 presented numerous benefits for on-site users. Its lightweight design and connectivity with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ensure users stay connected wherever they are and whatever task they’re performing, ideal for use in Damart’s Distribution Centre. Additionally, a metal alloy chassis combined with high-impact polycarbonate ensures uninterrupted operation even when dropped, minimizing downtime and enhancing output and workload efficiency.

As for truck-mounted needs, the TS7000 offered a purpose-built device with rich functionality, featuring an ergonomic and compact design. In addition, with rugged elements like a polycarbonate plastic alloy casing and a sealed membrane keyboard, the TS7000 is reliable no matter the environment.


The support of TouchStar prior to the system going live resulted in a smooth deployment. Key to the successful implementation was the ability to successfully integrate the new TouchStar device with their current WMS system.

Chris continues, "The service support we were given during the testing and integration phase was great, furthermore, TouchStar were also on hand to assist with Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure we had quick and reliable coverage throughout our site.”

Ongoing Success

Damart serves as a demonstration of the positive impact that a dependable and adaptable technology partnership can have on enhancing operational efficiency in a Distribution Centre. Opting for the right provider not only guarantees reliability and support but also instils confidence in the effectiveness of the solution.

Chris concludes, “The team we work with are extremely professional, knowledgeable and adapt to our needs well. Due to our positive working relationship, it has never been too much trouble for TouchStar to come to the site to scope out our requirements or to provide support during installation. We have a good system in place for ongoing support service requirements and know that any additional support or new device needs can be met with just a phone call.”