04 June 2021

Cepec Packaging Production

Cepac, is the UK’s leading independent corrugated packing producer. From state-of-the-art alternative, to conventional corrugated packaging, they have achieved their market leading status by becoming the pioneers of innovation, performance packaging and print solutions.

Operating across four UK plants, a programme of continued investment has enabled the innovation and growth that supports Cepac’s core values. The ability to exceed expectations is based around harnessing the latest technologies and materials, building strong relationships with their customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.


Cepac are committed to future proofing their business, investing in the infrastructure to streamline, safeguard and support their operational processes. As part of a planned investment, Cepac were looking to invest in an Access Control system. The overall objective of the system was to provide additional security around their operations.

Commenting on the new system implementation, Wayne Cusworth, Chief Information Officer at Cepac explains, “The proposed use for the system was to manage entry around the perimeter of our manufacturing plants with additional controls in place to restrict staff access to specific areas on site.  Having worked with TouchStar ATC on previous projects, we knew they would be able to offer us a reliable and quality solution, something that is fundamentally important to us here at Cepac. With plans for more growth, we knew we had to look at a system that was both futureproof and scalable and it made sense to talk to TouchStar about how we would achieve this.” 


At the core of the Access Control system is TouchStar’s MicroTrak Evolution software. TouchStar’s own Evolution software, a modular based access control system provided the user interface. Designed around an IP addressable controller,  the proximity card system is plugged directly into Cepac’s existing network. 


TouchStar worked closely with Cepac to manage the installation, ensuring a seamless rollout of the new solution.

For the installation, TouchStar designed and planned the initial installation around a single site. Once the system was successfully installed, the solution was then subsequently rolled out to the remaining three sites, each of which independently linked to TouchStar’s core “Evolution” Access Control software. With the system being new, the only additional work required was populating the new system with the staff, a straightforward process which took no time at all for Cepac.

Results and Benefits

Since the initial implementation, Cepac have now unified all operations under one single software source. Not only does this allow them to streamline the management and support of their access control system, but they are also now able to administer all sites remotely from a central location.

Wayne continues, “The overall system implementation went extremely well.  TouchStar worked closely with us throughout the whole process and the more recent upgrades, testing the new system with respect to our agreed specification, this resulted in a successful rollout of the systems”.

Since the installation, TouchStar’s Access Control systems have continued to evolve, with further growth and development of both the hardware and the portfolio of solutions. This will ensure that Cepac will continue to invest in a solution that will meet their needs both now and into the future.