25 April 2023

Carnegie Fuels - upgrade to Touchstar Android devices

About Carnegie Fuels

It all started with David McKenzie Carnegie, in the 1950's, working on the fields as a busy agricultural contractor. He noticed the delay caused by tractors needing to re-fuel during time-precious periods and set about filling a bowser with diesel and taking it with him to the fields. In 1957, he properly formed the company ‘Carnegie Oils’, operating as an official ESSO distributor.

Working predominantly in the local area, the company are still working with many of the same businesses; a reflection on how much they value their client relationships.

In 1981, the company became a fully independent fuel supplier and changed the business name to Carnegie Fuels Ltd. They are now the only local, family owned & run fuel business in the North East of Scotland. Carnegie now provides clients from Dunfermline to Fraserburgh and “everything in between” with commercial fuels for the agriculture and transport industries, as well as domestic fuel for heating homes.

The relationship

Carnegie began its relationship with TouchStar in 2017 when they were looking for an improvement to their paper ticketing system. TouchStar focuses on providing practical and effective business solutions, through its FuelStar hardware and software technology to eliminate paperwork and streamline communications between drivers and administrative teams. Carnegie Fuels adopted software from Fuelsoft as their back-end administration package and utilised Touchstar’s Fuelstar app and Windows-based Hawk devices to provide a real-time data feed from the vehicle fleet.

Every vehicle in their fuel distribution fleet uses TouchStar technology as an integral part of their delivery processes. Orders and schedules are automatically uploaded from the back office to the drivers’ tablets through TouchStar technology, and the admin staff at the office receive automatic updates as each driver progresses through their deliveries. As well as seamless communication and complete transparency, the system allows Carnegie to be more agile in their customer servicing. If, for example, a customer needs an urgent delivery, office staff can see exactly how much fuel each vehicle has and reallocate resources as necessary to meet a critical request.

System benefits

Since implementing the system, Carnegie has seen improvements through:

Easier communication between the drivers and the back office.

Automatic updates which allow back office staff up-to-the-minute progress reports.

More flexibility in delivery enabling agile responses to urgent customer needs.

Streamlined processes through the technology have eliminated any need to handwrite paper tickets or phone drivers to make changes.

User-friendly hardware - large displays and clear functionality make the TouchStar system easy to operate.   

The Upgrade

TouchStar has now been commissioned to upgrade the entire Carnegie fleet from the Windows operating system to Android. The vehicles will be equipped with the latest generation TS3300 device. Suitable even for the most rigorous use in the most extreme conditions, the TS3300 is fully compliant with the ATEX IECEx directive, allowing safe use in potentially explosive environments.

The TS3300 also utilizes front and rear-facing cameras and a glare proof 7” high-resolution screen, suitable for use with gloves. Slimmer, smarter and stronger than its predecessors, the TouchStar TS3300 is now the most widely adopted mobile device in the fuel delivery sector.

The Carnegie transition to FuelStar for Android will commence in July 2023.