12 October 2020

Autobrite Direct Branded Van

With over 20 years’ experience within the car care trade, Autobrite Direct have become one of the UK’s leading specialists within the car valeting and car detailing industry. Autobrite pride themselves on working to exceptionally high standards, utilising the skills of their highly trained car detailing experts along with their pristine working environment and extensive range of car detailing products to deliver outstanding results.


As a growing company, Autobrite were looking to implement a new Time and Attendance (T&A system) with the objective of automating existing clocking procedures.

The system was to be deployed across two areas of the operation to cover both the warehouse and office staff within their Stoke based headquarters. Previously a paper-based system, Autobrite were looking to reduce waste and costs. The existing system was admin heavy with the manual collection and recording of clocking information prone to inaccuracies.

One of the key objectives of the new system was to streamline and support efficient payroll processes. To achieve this, Autobrite had a requirement for accurate clocking data, as such, they required a technology that provided both accurate authentication of worker credentials but also removed the potential of buddy punching.  


Autobrite were looking for a future-proof and scalable solution, turning to T&A specialists TouchStar ATC to manage the process, from design and planning, through to training, initial installation and support.

TouchStar ATC implemented a full T&A system comprising of TouchStar’s in-house manufactured “Nohmad” hardware and “Fastlane” back office system. The “Nohmad”, which utilises biometric fingerprint technology, was the perfect option for Autobrite, providing the most accurate and true collection of clocking data.

TouchStar worked closely with Autobrite throughout the installation period. The system was quick and simple to install, taking just one day. After some initial training, Autobrite were able to see immediate efficiency and accuracy benefits. With each Nohmad device connecting in real time to TouchStar’s Fastlane back office, integration with Autobrite’s payroll system resulted in a significant reduction in administration, enabling accurate and timely payment of staff wages.

Results and Benefits

Since the initial deployment back in 2018, TouchStar’s T&A system has delivered many benefits. The flexibility of the solution has also allowed Autobrite to easily adapt the system as they continue to expand, more recently following a move to larger state of the art facilities.

Jill Moss, CFO and Human Resource Director for Autobrite Direct comments, “The system has been well received by everyone at Autobrite. Since the deployment of the TouchStar T&A system, we have seen huge benefits for the business. Accurate clocking information is critical to ensure we can perform our payroll processes quickly and efficiency, since the system was installed, the number of payroll-based queries and administrative errors have disappeared. With access to key data, we have absolute confidence in the processes we now have in place.”

Since the installation, TouchStar T&A systems have continued to evolve, with the availability of “GeoConnectMe”, the in-house developed mobile phone app for remote locations. Further growth and development of both Fastlane and the portfolio of TouchStar T&A solutions has ensured that Autobrite will continue to invest in a solution that will meet their needs both now and into the future.