08 December 2014

Leading European kitchen specialist Nobia, selects TouchStar’s real time mobile computing solution. Utilising the “Rugged by Design” Boston 8550 Handheld, the solution will be implemented as part of a technology refresh to provide increased visibility and accuracy improvements across their Darlington facility.

Nobia is Europe’s leading kitchen specialist. The operation consists of developing, manufacturing and selling kitchens through about twenty strong brands and as a contract manufacturer. Sales are managed through multiple channels including 440 of their own stores as well as a network of franchise stores and retailers. The products are also sold to professional construction companies, which in turn sell the kitchens to the end customers.

The management of multiple sales channels within their overall logistics operations is critical, as such, Nobia are continually working towards adapting and improving their internal IT systems to fulfil these. In particular, the management of their warehouse and picking process provides the key to achieving the accuracy and visibility required to effectively manage their warehouse and distribution operations. 

As part of the continual improvement process, Nobia were looking to upgrade their hardware infrastructure in order to maintain accuracy within their existing picking process. In addition to this, they were also looking to secure additional efficiency and operational gains to maximise the productivity within their Darlington facility. Following a thorough review of their IT requirements, Nobia selected the “Rugged by Design”, Boston 8500 handhelds as offering the best “closeness of fit”. The upgraded process will make optimum use of the latest generation in TouchStar IT technology, securing fast, reliable and accurate data for efficient management of the picking operation.
The solution will see Nobia continue their successful business relationship with TouchStar which has seen them fulfilling their mobile computing requirements for a number of years. The solution is set to rollout within their Darlington operation before the year end and will see Nobia secure numerous tangible benefits as they move into 2015.