26 November 2014

TouchStar’s Vienna 7500 Series Truck Mount devices roll out in Great Bear’s New Nottingham based high specification facility.

The facility, developed as a robust single site solution, coincides with the 20th Anniversary of Great Bear, a leading logistics company in the provision of Storage and Distribution Solutions.  The “Super Shed”, and its infrastructure have been developed to support the future growth of their operation and the strengthening of a longstanding customer relationship.

Great Bear fully appreciate the effectiveness of Radio Frequency technology and like to source the most up to date systems and infrastructure to enable them to run an optimised and efficient warehouse. Already in use across a number of locations nationwide, the Vienna
 7500 truck mount device is Great Bears terminal of choice, providing fast, high end and accurate warehouse data capture whilst meeting their requirements for a rugged and reliable device.  The latest generation Vienna was most recently rolled out within the new “Super Shed” facility and is set to play an integral role in streamlining a number of existing warehouse processes.  Further supporting Great Bear’s growth objectives, the devices are also backed by an all-inclusive TouchStar support contract, guaranteeing operational efficiency, decreased downtime and reduced cost of ownership.