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Since the liberalisation of the UK postal market on 1st January 2006, TNT Post has been a principal advocator of ensuring that there is a fair and level playing field so that competition is effective and can be enjoyed by everyone. Despite still having to face numerous barriers to fair competition in the UK postal market, TNT Post has in a short period of time impressed businesses in the UK and notched up some significant wins including, in recent months, HBOS ( Halifax Bank of Scotland ).


The increased volume of post, resulting from the award of the HBOS contract, left TNT Post seeking an enhanced solution for mail scanning and trunking. The company required a scanning and data capture device that provided an efficient way to record and input the data from every package that was handled. Allowing for minimum effort and delay, the solution needed the capacity to handle mass scans of incoming mail in real-time, but also be portable enough to be re-located when required.


After a period of development, TouchStar engineers devised a wheeled data capture station that houses both a TouchStar ‘Monaco 7100’ Windows CE terminal and Metrologic ‘Quantum T’ omni-directional scanner. The solution provided TNT with an ergonomic and efficient system, that not only read the bar codes, but also and displayed them on the screen as well as sending them to the server in real time to be recorded against the shipments. The station is based around a ‘pole’ style design, rather than a conventional trolley, enabled TNT a flexible and mobile solution that facilitated easy positioning for best performance. The functionality and ergonomics of the overall system allowed for much more streamlined approach to the operation, significantly increasing productivity and control.