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Great Bear

Great Bears total commitment to a customer focused culture is based on the consistency of their excellent service and their philosophy of continual improvement and innovation. The core values set in place by Great Bear to achieve this involve the encouragement of creativity, flexibility, quick decision making and more importantly that they never break a promise to a customer. Testament to the success of Great Bears philosophy is their continuing growth which now sees a yearly turnover in excess of £63.5million.


Great Bears main requirement was a solution that not only provided real time visibility and control of their operation, but also ensured that they were working at full efficiency. The main issue that Great Bear faced was the reduced productivity during typical warehousing and picking activities, this was as a result of continual need to return to base undertake printing activities. As a result, Great Bear highlighted a need for a mobile trolley workstation which would facilitate picking and printer operations helping streamline the process.


In response to Great Bears requirements, TouchStar engineers developed a bespoke, robust trolley solution which incorporated a WiFi printer, battery system and charger in addition to ample room for label storage and operator workspace. The trolley also housed TouchStar’s Monaco 7100 truck mounted device and Atlanta data capture devices that facilitated the picking operation, providing Great Bear with the real time visibility and control of the whole of their warehouse process. The flexible work station from which several operators could be based, allowed workers to move freely to the from location to location vastly increasing productivity levels.

The battery system was a key component of the overall solution and provided Great Bear with the capacity to print over 5,000 labels in a shift or last over 50 hours with no printing. The printer, which could be charged whilst in operation, meant operators could carry out full shift without disruption or the need to return to base.