05 May 2015

TouchStar have supplied fit for purpose warehouse terminals to Supply Chain Giants Wincanton for over ten years. Pleased with the service they have received from TouchStar, Wincanton have upgraded to TouchStar’s latest generation of warehouse terminals.

Back in 1993 TouchStar won the custom of market leaders in supply chain solutions Wincanton. TouchStar successfully installed narrow band and TouchStar’s older generation truck mount terminal, the Monaco into their GSK Brockworth and Middlewich sites. Due to many years of great service and support by TouchStar, Wincanton decided it was time to upgrade to TouchStar’s next generation of Warehousing solutions. Their existing Narrow band infrastructure is in the process of being upgraded to Wi-Fi and their terminals upgraded to TouchStar’s newest portfolio additions.

Wincanton experienced first-hand how TouchStar’s rugged devices had not only enhanced their warehouse operation but they had also seen a great return in their investment. It therefore made perfect sense to upgrade to TouchStar’s latest generation of Technology. They are currently installing the Vienna truck mount and the Boston 8550 handheld device. The Vienna is both rugged and fit for purpose with an IP65 rating, GPS and a faster operating system it is perfect for all warehousing environments. Similar to the Vienna, the Boston 8550 is perfect for rough and tough environments with a stainless steel chassis which adds to its robust design.

The upgraded solution will see Wincanton continue their successful business relationship with TouchStar Technologies. The solution is set to rollout over the next few months and will enable Wincanton to benefit from the markets latest generation of rugged warehouse terminals.