01 July 2020

Touchstar – Group Announcement – 1st July 2020

Touchstar poised for a positive post-pandemic future after strong Q1 Results  

Outstanding performance in Q1 – 49% growth

The first quarter sales of 2020 saw a 49% growth on the first quarter 2019.  

The order book for the start of 2020 of £1.2 million, demonstrates a 300% improvement from the previous year. The strong start is testament to the new product set, gaining massive market acceptance in the industry.

This is a terrific start to 2020, and although we recognise that Covid 19 will impact all businesses over the coming months, we remain confident our products and services are world beating and at the cutting edge of technology.

Rapid Covid-19 Response ensured Q1 gains weren’t lost

When it became clear that the COVID-19 pandemic was going to have a significant and wide-reaching effect, the strong Q1 position enabled us to be proactive. We took steps to ensure we could continue to support customers and protect our staff in early March, weeks before the start of the official lockdown.

By the time lockdown began on 23rd March, Touchstar was already following a strategic road map designed to help us operate and navigate through the crisis, however prolonged it might turn out to be.

Covid Impact – Demand remains high

Many of our customers have an essential role to play in fighting the pandemic through the provision of essential services such as maintaining the fuel and food supply chains. This means that, even during lockdown, demand has remained encouragingly high and new orders have continued to be received.

As well as providing our customers with extra service support to help them through this challenging time, our product development team added coronavirus-related functionality to one of our proof-of-delivery software products. This enabled logistics personnel to be prompted to carry out mandatory health & safety checks established by their employer and to record that this activity had been undertaken.

Future Outlook – our team ethos will continue to benefit our clients

At the time of writing, lockdown restrictions are being further eased and we are carefully carrying out a prudent ‘back to business’ plan. 

We are exceptionally proud of the team behind Touchstar Technologies; the commitment of each and every individual has enabled us to weather the storm of the pandemic and emerge strong in order to support our valued customers, both existing and prospective.

The COVID-19 crisis is obviously far from over, and it remains impossible to predict how it will ultimately play out, both in our UK and international target markets. We will continue to focus on the factors we can control – providing market-leading digital technology and top-quality customer service and conserving our resources.

We are hugely impressed and encouraged to see the tenacity and responsiveness of our customers and the ways they have dealt with the pandemic and continue to do so. We are as dedicated as ever to ensure they have the data capture infrastructure, products and support they need to drive their businesses forward.

Mark Hardy CEO,

Touchstar Technologies