23 May 2022

BATA select FuelStar EPOD solution from Touchstar Technologies


Established in 1894, BATA was created as a farmer’s cooperative and retains this structure today. Dedicated to supplying local farmers and those who live in the rural community, BATA specialises in offering quality products and services that support the livelihood and lifestyle of thousands of people who live and work in rural Yorkshire.

BATA is a leading supplier of agricultural and energy products to the wider rural community. From their own livestock feed manufacturing and storage facility, deliveries are made to farmers, small holders and homeowners whilst their 11 Country Stores stock everything from animal feeds to wellington boots.

BATA's Fuel and LPG service offer a full range of energy products from fuel oil, LPG, bottled gas, industrial gases, lubricants and heating services. The company can serve domestic, industrial or agricultural needs whether they are small or large. With their reliable team of long-standing drivers and fleet of tankers BATA deliver to their local customers and supply LPG and fuel oil across North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire.

The Project

Over many years the BATA Group has grown as a financially sound and well managed business enabling the society to invest in property, systems and equipment in order to serve the needs of a growing farming membership.

As the business has continued to grow and become more diversified, they were looking to introduce a technology-based solution that would replace the ever-increasing amount of paperwork. Efficient and effective operations are fundamental to delivering a first-class service, so the company needed to significantly reduce or completely eradicate paperwork which was both time-consuming and prone to human error. There were key project drivers identified by BATA, specifically the enhancement of processes, improved control and visibility, and most importantly compliance to all relevant legislation and applicable industry standards associated with bulk fuel handling. Any new technology introduced to their operation needed to re-organise and improve existing processes and enable the drivers and back office to communicate more effectively.  

Touchstar solutions are specifically designed for the fuel distribution industry and BATA are confident FuelStar will streamline and improve their end-to-end delivery processes. To date the key requirements have been identified as:

  • Real time transmission of ePOD’s, to enable same / next day invoicing.
  • Control driver workflow to a standardised level, for improvements to efficiencies, safety and service.
  • Automated, electronic start of day vehicle checks.
  • Reducing manual administrative tasks like re-keying data.
  • In-cab Sat Nav, with truck attributes  

Following system implementation, BATA customers will benefit from the following system attributes: -

  • POD’s can be printed and left with customer at time of delivery.
  • POD’s can be emailed immediately after delivery is complete.
  • Increased accuracy and compliance to delivery windows (with notifications of arrival). Thus, managing expectations better.
  • Improved efficiencies, accurate and timely deliveries, with potential for fewer mistakes and greater visibility.

Gordon Hyland, Sales Director for Touchstar’s Fuel Division commented: “Our solutions are long proven with multiple commercial, domestic and retail fuel suppliers across the UK and beyond. It is our intention to supply BATA a solution that creates the minimum of change for operational workflow, whilst offering additional functionalities that we expect will create new and additional value to strategic and day to day operations.”