27 January 2015

Selecting the Boston 8550 as their preferred warehouse terminal will enable innovative manufacturing company Gordon Ellis & co, to have a more reliable and accurate warehouse operation.

Gordon Ellis & co are an innovative Manufacturing company based in Derby. They specialise in four key areas which include Healthcare Products, Precision Woodworking, Rotational Moulding and Street Furniture. Each area of the business has a strong ethos to ensure they recognise and respond to the customers’ need for competitive pricing and dependable service. This ethos lead Gordon Ellis to review their current hardware infrastructure in order to meet their customers’ expectations. Gordon Ellis found that TouchStar’s Boston 8550 terminal matched the level of reliability and efficiency they needed to run their warehouse smoothly.

Gordon Ellis manufacture thousands of items weekly, therefore, the management of their overall logistics operation is paramount. To maintain the level of accuracy needed within their warehouse and picking process, Gordon Ellis were forced to review their current IT infrastructure. It soon became clear that TouchStar’s “rugged by design” Boston terminals were a perfect addition to their warehouse operation. The Boston could offer Gordon Ellis the reliability and accuracy they were lacking from their current devices.

The decision for Gordon Ellis to install Boston terminals into their warehouse operation will enable them to gain the benefits of TouchStar’s latest generation of IT Technology. This will offer them a faster and more reliable operation within their picking, goods in and goods out warehouse processes. As Gordon Ellis grow as a company TouchStar will support this growth, ensuring they continue to have innovative technology to complement their warehouse operation.