Businesses are experiencing growing data volumes from multiple sources at an accelerating rate. There is also a growing requirement to produce something meaningful from the data. Add to this the backdrop of increasingly competitive domestic and global markets and it becomes imperative that managers have a tool to help them make sense of their data.

Our vision is to facilitate making BI available to all decision makers across the whole organisation, effectively creating a self service environment. Our dashboard application has been developed with the goal of getting actionable information to the people who can influence outcomes.

Information is displayed in real time in an easily digestible format and is accessible from anywhere.

If you want a low cost BI solution that is easily deployed, that empowers your staff and encourages collaboration, then look no further than our dashboard system. You will also find us friendly, easy to deal with and prepared to go the extra mile.


  • Provides a holistic view of your business – one version of the truth
  • Tackles the issue of managing growing volumes of data from multiple sources
  • Delivers a top level business view with the ability to drill down on charts
  • Triggers alerts when performance thresholds are crossed –positive or negative
  • Enables decision making from anywhere at any time via browser or mobile device
  • Easy to configure and can be deployed in minutes
Please click here to download a White Paper entitled 'Unlocking the Intelligence in Your Data – the Key to Real-time Business Intelligence'. Business Intelligence Software