The evolution of logistics

The evolution of logistics

22 June 2017

As consumers and businesses evolve, so too must the logistics industry that supports them; the sector may have existed for centuries, but it has always transformed to keep up with its users’ needs and expectations. This article runs through some of the major steps forward the industry has taken.  Read More >>

The Consequences of Fuel Contamination

The Consequences of Fuel Contamination

30 May 2017

Fuel contamination within a large commercial tanker can be costly error, reducing the quality of the product and damaging a business reputation. New technology systems such as the Electronic Proof of Delivery system can reduce the risk of contamination by logging movement of produce at all times.  Read More >>


FTS select PODStar system

19 April 2017

Founded in 2014, Fuel Transport Solutions (FTS) Limited, based in Central Scotland, delivers fuel predominantly throughout Scotland and Northern England. The organisation required a system that could optimise the scheduling and tracking of vehicles, as well as automate the proof of delivery process. After a thorough examination of available systems, Jim Anderson (Managing Director) opted for the PODStar system from Manchester-based TouchStar Technologies.  Read More >>

TouchStar CEO discusses direction of OnBoard div.

TouchStar CEO discusses direction of OnBoard div.

18 April 2017

Mark Hardy, CEO TouchStar Technologies discusses the recent history and future direction of the OnBoard Retail division Read More >>

Your warehouse management... anywhere in the world

Your warehouse management… anywhere in the world

07 April 2017

As a hub of sales, returns and supplies, your warehouse is a vital part of your business. Managing it effectively, though, is no easy feat but innovative new technologies are helping to run warehouses confidently from any location, whether it’s a neighbouring building or a city on the other side of the world.  Read More >>