12 February 2018

Your crew plays a fundamental role in providing the competitive edge that helps you stand out amongst your rivals.  

Over the years, technology has revolutionised the way that crew achieve this objective. But the very latest on-board technology goes further still, equipping crew members with the tools that will enable them to do their jobs even better.  

Your crew are charged with improving customer experience and increasing ancillary revenue. These two tasks are closely linked, as the levels of ancillary revenue raised by an airline is often tied to the amount of time crew spend engaging with passengers.  

The latest on-board technology streamlines operations and reduces workloads, allowing crew to complete their tasks more efficiently and, crucially, giving them more time for personal face-to-face selling and customer service.  

Of course, most crew are incentivised and at least partially rewarded based on sales they make.  

The latest on-board technology offers crew enhanced visibility of individual sales target information. This means crew members are aware of their performance and motivated to maximise on-board revenue to hit targets associated with incentive schemes.  

Crew can also take advantage of increased access to passenger data. They can deliver a more personalised service based on individual preferences, which is something that today‚Äôs savvy passenger will expect.  

Advanced knowledge of details such as food preferences, previous duty-free purchases and even passengers who tried to purchase out of stock items on the outbound flight, enables crew to offer a better service on future journeys.  

Having access to this data also helps crew to work smarter by focusing their efforts precisely where they are required. For example, understanding why a passenger may have previously reported a bad experience allows crew to take proactive steps and ensure the passenger has a positive overall experience.